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This beautiful video from Gregory Colbert is a meditation I return to frequently.

In many cases I find myself placing “ashes to snow” in continuous loop mode as I reflect on my perceptions of my life; in contrast with; the underlying beauty of transition that I fail to regulate. I call it.. “Time”.

Where my mind is capable of “desire” “misery” “judgment” “resentment” “sadness”, “loneliness”, “fear” and “joy”: the magnitude of the emotion can threaten my success at managing my state of well-being from day to day. That said my capacity to think on my feet, be perceptive and accurate with my intuition and mind are skills I have relied on since I was a little boy. With all of the craziness of childhood in my house at the age of six, seven, ten and into my teens; I placed my head on mattress each night knowing that one underlying reality returned…the unyielding transition of time.

My life is “becoming” and “ending” as I witness each day but there is far less life left in front of me than what lies behind. I am simplifying my messages; now realizing that animals have many endearing characteristics that are shared with humankind . The elephant, giant cat, soaring raptor and crocodile demonstrate: Strength, agility, vision and speed AND community. Ultimately we all fall back on these as our environment changes and we unexpectedly find ourselves in survival mode. Looking forward.. I call upon my instincts to solve for barriers to healthcare as I have in the past. But before time marches through my final transition I need to create survival toolkits for my brothers and sisters who are unlikely to have the necessary knowledge to assure their own security within the systems emerging from the Bush-Obama-Trump administrations and the Medical Industrial Complex.

As we move into a new year I plan to simplify my monologue on the existence, or lack thereof of Humanitarian Policy in the USA. Observing a repetitive cycle of consumer brainwashing it is time to wipe away the wash and expose the motives so every patient and their family will be equally prepared to acquire and afford quality care and monitor the success through the “patient’s lens” as opposed to their local hospital, insurance company, broker, employer, pharmaceutical manufacturer or government entity.

I am starting the year with presentations on self advocacy in context with our healthcare system at different stages of life.

It appears we made some decisions on November 8th yes?

Straining to maintain my awareness of this beautiful cycle of life (as opposed to being distracted by the daily https://www.facebook.com/gregorycolbert#I am attempting to present facts and ideas that will lead elders (including me) and those with chronic illness (also including me) to make informed decisions and brilliant plans for their own future: For even with great tribute to our powerlessness over the march of time there are some things we can choose. The first is to recognize just how beautiful and common we all are. Then, as we listen to our own finite heart-beat learn to assess where we are at, where we want to be and how to get there. I fear our care-planning for loved ones, ourselves and our clients will require frequent tune-up as “those in control” begin making changes behind the drape that overshadows the Great Oz.

Enjoy this celebration of the beauty of all living things, their common village and keep it with you as we walk this path together.

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