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The cost of care: ($ X Count)+((Caregiver calories X Time)X Caregiver metabolic rate)+Caregiver drain in emotional well-being


I have been giving classes to groups of elders on normal age dependent functional decline. Here is a note from my 55 year old cousin discussing her situation providing care for her husband. Wherein her State did not expand Medicaid and this man only needs custodial care she does all the work. Like my friend said earlier this week: The Women are the Warriors in our Society. My poor cousin Michael is waiting for a liver, probably won’t make it since nobody is around to keep him in shape.
Imagine retaining 100 lbs of water in your belly, being short of breath and unable to prepare a sandwich.
Their insurance by the way is through a New Jersey County.
Here are Wendys comments.

“Tired frustrated disappointed angry probably everything in between & yes I just hoped for easy fix. Silver lining. Physically I know it’s hard on him and I know he needs more physical care like his adl’s. I think I’m going to have to start working doing his adls with him. He doesn’t do that well anymore. He’s afraid to get in the shower almost never had shaves. I just don’t know when I’m going to get to that stuff I often run out of time and don’t do well with that stuff myself reality is I don’t know what I’m going to do you know animals are so much easier usually. Such a Monumental responsibility caring for another human being why I never had children”

Suck it up friends, we had a start on care coordination in the home but lost it on November 8th. Start saving now…….

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