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 I share the vision of a nation of empowered healthcare consumers without disparities in access to comprehensive care: Patients will no-longer ‘scapegoat’ people and institutions for the inequities experienced; instead they will join their providers and payment resource organizations to co-create acceptable solutions that assure American’s receive high quality affordable care.

Jeffrey F. Harris

Using proven infrastructure and a delivery paradigm consistent with successful patient centered medical homes: I work as a design and implementation strategist within organizations seeking assistance with the creation of clinically Integrated, data-driven, population health strategies.and outcome measurement and reporting systems.

I provide education to patients, families, community groups and providers in the form of stories and use cases which highlight systemic risks to the well being of the patients in terms of physical, emotional and economic well-being and give examples as to actions that can be taken through physician, patient, payer partnership that will guarantee improved satisfaction, health outcomes and cost efficiency.

I maintain current knowledge of clinical and health information technologies, how they are used among provider, payer and patient stakeholders and current success stories and barriers to adoption.

I test patient health management technologies in terms of functional utility and interoperability and advise patients and manufacturers of strengths and weaknesses of tools as they are adopted.

I facilitate Primary Care Practice Redesign and any form of cross industry health and wellness integration effort.


Skills Inventory

Healthcare journalism on my blog Untangledhealth.com:

My writing explores the questions that few are willing to address. Do we have a social value system which defines health and well-being? Do we believe all citizens should have equal access to health education and treatment? Are we willing to sacrifice personal wealth and share-holder ROI to bring the cost of well-being down? Do we truly believe we are non-biased and have no judgments regarding disparities in care between lower income families and others?


  • Clinical Integration Architecture, Design and Management
  • Patient Centered Medical Home Facilitator
  • Population Outcomes Analytics
  • Clinical Program Strategy
    • Opportunity Analysis
    • Community Integration Strategies
    • Population profiling
    • Value analysis (economic, time, satisfaction and quality of life)
    • Client identification and screening methodologies
    • Client Assessment Process
    • Intervention design
    • Financial modeling
    • Organisational Design
    • Process Design
    • Procedures and Staff Roles
    • Program Evaluation
  • Physician Practice Education
    • HIT and Pay for Value Concepts
    • HIT purchasing considerations and long-term strategies
    • Patient Centered, Population Focused Care
  • Community Education: Self Mastery in America’s Health Care System
  • Journalism
  • Grant writing
  • Grant Management
  • Community Education
    • U.S. Healthcare policy
  • Family Education
    • Episodic Management gor Families
    • Thriving with a chronic illness
  • At risk youth educational classes
    • Aviation
  • Motivational Speaking


You can reach me at:

Jeffrey Harris
218 Peggy Court
Raleigh, NC 27603
LinkedIn as Untangled Health

Be blessed, be healthy, be mindful and go well dear friends.


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  1. ChronicWatch is a software platform that helps physicians engage and empower patients to take charge of their health and assist in behavioral modifications for their longer term benefit and reduction in complications related to Chronic Diseases.

    Medicare reimburses physicians around $46 per patient per month pretty much perpetually for overseeing a medical assistant that can provide remote non face-to-face care of 20 minutes minimum and doctor does not have to do much other than encouraging the patient to sign up. You can continue to see patients in the office face to face and get reimbursed for the same. This is just additional revenue for the practice to help patients better manage their chronic conditions.

    Our system pulls information from almost all EHRs very easily and sends it back as well and no duplicate data entry. We charge $4 per patient per month and we bill you only for those patients that you get paid for. If you do not get paid, we do not get paid.

    More information is available on the brochure. Can we schedule a demo and small webinar to explain the Medicare CCM program and how we can help.

    Chronic Watch
    T (866) 690-3995 | M (203) 948-8972 | sales@chronicwatch.com | http://www.chronicwatch.com

    • I am leaving this reply open on my website:
      I appreciate the development of software that facilitates physician-patient engagement: Specifically for Chronic Disease Mastery for it is paramount that each patient maintain an active relationship with his or her Medical Home.
      In 2000 my associates John Haughton MD, MS, Rob Merenyi Ph.D, Alex Sherman Ph.D and myself were honored with the US Patent for our creation of a web-based platform that allowed care takers and professional healthcare staff to collectively and uniformly establish plans of care for people with chronic illness. Our IP was sold to Active Health Management and duplicated for use in a solution they sold to Aetna in 2001. We were very pleased to see the transference and use of our dream.
      With the Chronic Care Initiative at CMS our physicians now have that capacity to invoice for many of the activities they performed in the past to assist us patients with their day to day healthcare activities.
      Good luck Chronic Watch!


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