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Tag: Health Care Navigators Say Feds Don’t Get It

A Patients Gripe with Donald Traumatizing the sick and suffering: How the President of the United States intentionally injured the health and well-being of the Chronically Ill.

Thanks Donald: As if the chronically ill don’t have enough to worry about, you have successfully created a barrier to our choice of health care plans.

Each year those of us who live with chronic illness spend weeks researching the plans made available to us through the Affordable Care (Obamacare) website Healthcare. Gov. We spend hours upon hours calculating our drug costs, assuring our primary care doctors are in a plan or specialty care networks that provide services such as retinal surgery, dialysis, exercise prescription, nutrition and counseling to persons with diabetes are available to the consumer. Many of us are in-line for Medicare within the next decade or so. For example, a person with diabetes or cardiovascular disease or in many cases BOTH is gainfully employed and adding value to society throughout his or her life. These folks –like myself-  live with a chronic progressive illness and spend much of their time managing their health to avert the need for urgent care services and maximize their well-being. Then… years into the illness, they find themselves taken leave of their full-time work due to the complications associated with the disease. For me, it was neuropathy at age 58 after nearly fifty years of successful self-management of diabetes. Once on the roles of Medicare our health care expense  (of interest to you I am sure) is directly related to the quality of the interdisciplinary care team that supports us in our daily self management. In the mid to late stages of chronic illness we have spent years cultivating our resources to maximize our health, functional status and quality of life. This occurs before Medicare and for many of us who went uninsured or under-insured prior to Obamacare we have had several years to bring these providers into our Care-Team and stabilize our decline in health status. As each enrollment period rolls-by we peruse the plans available to us and select those that support the providers we have selected or are intending to add to our network if certain problems arise (example, diabetic retinopathy).In case you didn’t know and I am sure you didn’t the chronically ill account for over 50% of the Medicare Budget yet represent only 10% or less of the population depending on whose statistics you are referencing.Here are some interesting statistics regarding the cost of care for Medicare Enrollees straight out of YOUR CMS Chartbook! So here we are, stressed out and trying to figure out where to get the time to select the health plan, we need to reduce the complications from the chronic illnesses we live with. All of this having direct relationship to the resources we will consume when we are transitioning to Medicare. Perhaps you will be long out of office by the time our cost hits the taxpayers back pocket and it isn’t an issue to you. Your political desire to be seen as a barrier to the ACA is more important. It can’t be a financial issue, Donald for any ten Medicare Patients with Chronic illness who experience significant progression of their illness as a result of choosing the wrong insurance plans during your presidency will far outspend any savings you introduced through cutting access to the Healthcare.Gov website. NPR article on Navigator Frustration